Hvad er et Scrum Pattern?

På denne side finder du en oversigt med ressourcer om Scrum Patterns.

Hvad karakteriserer et Scrum Pattern?

A Scrum Pattern is a repeatably applicable solution to some small problem of a complex system – in a context of organization, process, and business.  Explained by James Coplien.

  • An act of repair, and  it answers WHY.
  • It has a socially agreed solution.
  • It cannot stand alone: It is one  of a set of many patterns that work together.
  • It is created from observations of many Scrum Teams’ successes and failures.
  • Patterns are dynamic, not static.

Scrum Patterns historik

Der ligger en lang og interessant historik omkring hvordan Scrum Patterns blev dannet. Det er beskrevet i detaljer på den officielle scrumbook.org side her.


The ScrumPatterns book: http://scrumbook.org/

Cesario Ramos’ site: https://scrum-patterns.org/

Scrum Pattern Community: http://www.scrumplop.org/